We, at Management Recruiters of Watauga are committed to creating exceptional partnerships with our clients that enable us to provide a world-class service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Your retained search will involve a refined process whereby we dedicate 100% of our Account Executive and Project Coordinator staff's time to rapidly identify two or three qualified, interested candidates for your specific requirement. The candidates will be represented exclusively to you, they will not be presented to any other client for the duration of your search engagement.  We define our service in the following ways:

Experienced Staff
Our sales and research staff, representing over 30 years of combined industry experience is directly responsible for our professional placement process. They are well trained in all aspects of technology, candidate sourcing and recruitment practices and the latest techniques in interviewing and screening candidates.

Client Resources

Virtual Project Management Our retained/engaged search clients are offered a 24 hour, 7 day a week password protected virtual project management website. This site is viewed for an up-to-the-minute status of their search assignment.  The site includes the number of candidates contacted, resumes received, qualified candidates submitted and a link to their profile and resume.
Video Conferencing We provide on-site access to video-conferencing facilities and meeting rooms.
In-house Contract Recruiting A fully trained and licensed search recruiter maintains a presence at the client's facility to coordinate a multiple search project, available for in-house behavioral interview training, and is capable in establishing, organizing, and providing training for future internal recruiting staff.  Behavioral Interviewing A professional assessment tool used to assist in the search process.
Relocation Services An affiliation with a major national organization provides moving van, real estate, mortgage, and retirement plan assistance with substantial savings to clients.

International Strategic Partner Search and consulting
capabilities in thirty-two countries worldwide.

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